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International Steel Prices Generally Rose

China is purposefully inflating the price of global steel materials in order to curb the US's drive to invest in infrastructure.

The next step will be to push up infrastructure related resources including important scientific and technological resources rare earth products.

Stop steel exports, but also global procurement, let the world's steel prices skyrocketed.

Instead of a total ban, they force steel mills to raise the price of crude steel. Isn't the US conniving at Turkey and Australia to raise the price of iron ore?

If we raise the price of crude steel, Mexico and Canada will follow suit, and the blame will fall on the United States.

The US wants to send inflation to China, so let's do the opposite.

The US must be beating itself up by absorbing the massive amount of extra dollars being printed by the Federal Reserve.

The U.S. stock market is expected to rise, like a drum spread like flowers, the last to absorb losses will not be the Wall Street crowd, because they had withdrawn before the crash.

Short comments: Due to the measures taken by China and the United States to the steel industry, the global steel prices have risen, and our zinc plated drum closure also fluctuates with the price fluctuations.

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