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The Second Green Packaging Innovation Application Forum And Exhibition Coming in December

The Second Green Packaging Innovation Application Forum And Exhibition Coming in December

With China's "double carbon" goal, policy advocacy of circular economy and green packaging and the continuous strengthening of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, the packaging industry in the field of FMCG and e-commerce logistics will be more and more green, circular, low-carbon and sustainable. How to build sustainable development leadership and formulate environmental protection transformation plan from packaging is an important development issue.

Based on the successful experience of the first green packaging application forum, DT new materials will hold the 2021 Green Packaging Innovation Application Forum and Innovation Exhibition (the second session) at Sheraton Donggang Hotel, Ningbo, Zhejiang from December 17 to 18. The forum will focus on the green packaging of FMCG and innovative design solutions, e-commerce logistics low-carbon supply chain and green packaging solutions, Based on the sustainable development goal of terminal enterprises, focus on the development hotspots such as green packaging products, environmental protection materials, low-carbon process, innovative design and recycling, and put forward solutions to realize the sustainable development and common prosperity of the whole packaging industry chain.


Policy direction: firmly grasp the development direction of low-carbon industry, closely follow the national advocacy of "double carbon" and circular economy, and focus on the development and application of green packaging.

Market hot spots: focus on FMCG and green packaging solutions for e-commerce logistics industry, and invite industry brands to share green sustainable packaging development strategies and actions with leading enterprises to help understand the current situation and trend of the industry.

Efficient communication platform: leaders of the association, industry leaders and enterprise elites gather together, and green packaging manufacturers, design units, raw material suppliers, mechanical equipment enterprises, testing and certification institutions, investors and other whole industry chains participate.


1. FMCG green packaging and innovative design solutions.

2. E-commerce logistics low carbon supply chain and green packaging solutions.

Short comments: Focusing on the double carbon goal and the era of circular economy, the conference analyzed the opportunities and challenges of packaging in China and made contributions to promoting the development of the industry.

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