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What Are the Requirements for Exporting Steel Drums Containing Dangerous Goods in Proper Packaging?

Dangerous goods steel drum basic conditions:

  • There should be a certain adaptability between the inner and outer packaging, and the lining should not rub against and damage the steel drum during transportation. In addition, there should be no flying burrs in the weld of the steel drum to avoid piercing the lining.

  • The steel drum should be able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity within a certain range. Since export trade is generally long-distance shipping and there is a large temperature difference between regions, the packaging steel drums for dangerous goods must have a certain moisture-proof outer film. The coating of the steel drum itself should have certain water resistance and water resistance. Paint-coated steel drums should have good weather resistance and durability. In addition, after filling the goods, there must be enough space in the steel drum containing liquid to avoid accidents caused by the expansion of liquid due to temperature changes.

  • The quality, specifications, and forms of the packaging steel drum should be easy to load and unload, transport, and store. It should meet the requirements of international steel drum standards.


Dangerous goods steel drums product advantages:

  • High strength, corrosion resistance, good hygiene, and safety. 

  • Save 30% of floor space. 

  • Reasonable and firm structure. It can be directly loaded and unloaded by forklift on pallets and can be stacked. 

  • Convenient and quick discharge, can be used repeatedly and help protect the environment. 

Uses of steel drums:

  • Widely used for packaging various types of Class II and III liquids. 

  • External frame characteristics: The external frame of the product uses heat treatment and hot-dip galvanizing technology. Therefore, the entire frame is lightweight, flexible, strong in bearing capacity, and resistant to external impact.

Precautions: The filling density of the steel drum is 1.6, and it can be stacked in 2 layers. The static stack height of the fully loaded container can reach 8 layers.

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