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How To Inspect The Thread Quality Of The Steel Drum Closure? Have You Done It?

If it is to detect the external thread, you need to use a ring gauge to measure it. The so-called ring gauge is just like a nut, but this ring gauge is a set of two, one larger and one smaller, to detect the diameter of the thread How much it is, it must match the ring gauge of the internal thread. Let's take the external thread of the bolt M8 of the bolt-type hoop sealer for open steel drums as an example to see what the inspection steps look like.

First, use a large ring gauge to screw the M8 screw into this ring gauge to ensure that the thread can pass smoothly. Then, remove the large ring gauge, measure with the small ring gauge, and screw the M8 screw into the threaded hole of the small ring gauge again, ensuring that the screw cannot be screwed after about two to three turns. Then it is a standard screw thread, and such a thread is qualified. To sum it up in one sentence: the ring regulation must be through and it must be able to stop.

How To Inspect The Thread Quality Of The Steel Drum Closure? Have You Done It?

The above picture is the ring gauge used to detect the external thread. The letter on it is Z, which is the stop gauge. It is not possible to use it to detect the thread. The letter marked with T is a pass gauge, and the thread must pass its inspection.

If it is an internal thread detection, then use a plug gauge, the so-called plug gauge, which is the opposite of the ring gauge. The plug gauge is an external thread design, similar to a double-head, one external thread is a stop gauge, and the other is an external thread. Yes, the principle is the same as that of the external thread detection. Screw the plug gauge into the internal threaded hole, the stop gauge can stop, and the pass gauge can pass.

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