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Malaysia Maintains Anti-dumping Duty On Color Coated Steel

Malaysia Maintains Anti-dumping Duty On Color Coated Steel

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia has decided to continue imposing anti-dumping duties on pre-painted, painted or color-coated steel coils originating from China and Vietnam. The duties are valid for another five years from20 July 2021 and will expire on 19 July 2026.

PPGI products subject to investigation are classified under HS codes 7210.7021, 7210.7029 and7210.7090. Domestic producer CSC Steel filed a petition to extend the duties.

The Malaysian government has maintained the same tax rates for Chinese exporters and other Vietnamese exporters since 2016, at 52.1% and 34.85% respectively. Meanwhile, Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company is subject to a duty of 12.06%, also unchanged from the 2016 tax rate. NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited will also face a 34.85% rate, but Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company will again avoid taxes for the next five years.

Short comments: The anti-dumping duty has no impact on PPG Drum Closure, and for Malaysian customers with a certain purchase quantity, we can also apply for form E to exempt PPG Drum Closure from import duty.

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