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Industry Forum! China's Steel Drum Manufacturing Equipment Industry Developing From Large To Strong

Industry Forum! China's Steel Drum Manufacturing Equipment Industry Developing From Large To Strong

In recent years, China's steel barrel manufacturing equipment industry has developed rapidly. New equipment manufacturing enterprises and new equipment and new technologies emerge one after another, and the export volume of barrel manufacturing equipment is also increasing day by day.

At present, the barrel manufacturing equipment industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading and in the historical development stage from large to strong. To achieve a comprehensive steel barrel manufacturing power, we must unswervingly promote innovation, green and intelligent development, accelerate the development of high-tech, high added value and resource-saving steel barrel advanced equipment manufacturing industry, focus on the construction of a steel barrel manufacturing power, and promote the transformation and development of the industry.

Several important tasks to promote the development of a strong country in barrel equipment manufacturing industry:

First, establish and improve the industrial technological innovation system, and build a collaborative innovation system with equipment manufacturing enterprises as the main body and the combination of industry, University, research and application.

Second, actively build a new mechanism for the deep integration and development of the two modernizations.

Third, we should focus on strengthening the manufacturing of basic equipment, basic technology, basic technology and basic materials.

Fourth, comprehensively promote the quality brand construction of steel drum equipment.

Fifth, actively promote green manufacturing.

Sixth, accelerate the cultivation of steel drum equipment enterprise clusters with global competitiveness.

Seventh, accelerate the development of modern steel drum manufacturing service industry dominated by raw and auxiliary materials, equipment manufacturing, technology research and development, training and learning.

Eighth, vigorously promote the going out of China's barrel making equipment and build a powerful country in equipment manufacturing industry in an all-round way.

Short comments: China's steel drum manufacturing equipment industry has entered a critical development period, developing from large to strong. Drum sealing equipment inedustries such as drumm closure are also facing a promising future and these related drum packaging commpany should bear the same responsibilities to develop with the whole country.

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