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The Theme Of The Metal Packaging Industry in 2021 Is: Smart, Green, Transformation, And Innovation

This conference is hosted by the China Packaging Federation and undertaken by the Metal Container Committee of the China Packaging Federation. It focuses on the theme of "smart, green, transformation, and innovation". The event brought together leaders from China's packaging industry authorities, Hangzhou municipal government, and circular economy. A high-standard lineup of industry association leaders, domestic metal packaging companies and heads of upstream and downstream companies.

Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of the Third Committee of the Seventh China Baolian Metal Container Committee and Chairman of Origen Technology, firstly thanked the predecessors who made great contributions to the development of the industry in the opening ceremony. He said, "It was the predecessors who created this communication platform for the metal packaging industry, and this is where we are today. The harmonious exchanges and common development of the industry associations today did not live up to the expectations of the older generation of metal packaging people." Zhou Yunjie said in his speech that "in the post-epidemic era, new changes have taken place in the development pattern of the metal packaging industry. Digitization, informatization, and environmental protection will become the core goals of our future industry development. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, and environmental protection is An important indicator for the future development of the metal packaging industry. We should not only be an investor in the industry, but also a creator of products and a protector of the environment. At the same time, packaging companies should also be leaders of new life and continue to extend the extension of packaging products. Expansion. In the future, no matter what difficulties and obstacles there may be, we will work hard to move forward. I believe that with the efforts of all people in the industry, the business of metal packaging will get better and better!" Zhou Yunjie's speech aroused strong resonance from the participants. There was enthusiastic applause from the venue.

The Theme Of The Metal Packaging Industry in 2021 Is: Smart, Green, Transformation, And Innovation

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