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Reasons Why Steel Price Rising

Currently, steel prices continued to rise. The reasons are even more complex.

First, market demand is picking up. Since May 2020, China's economy has gradually returned to normal, and China's demand for steel has gradually returned to normal. Various infrastructures have contributed to steel. In addition, after entering 2021, the economy of many countries in the world has begun to recover gradually. Many people may worry that steel prices will rise in the future, so they will buy some raw materials in advance. This market demand is also an important reason for the rise in steel prices.

Second, iron ore prices rose. In the past year or so, global iron ore prices have risen sharply. In fact, against the background of rising iron ore prices, many steel mills can only be in a passive position. Under the background of rising iron ore prices, the steel-making cost of steel mills has risen rapidly, which is also one of the main driving forces of rising steel prices in the past period.

Third, promote capital. The growth rate of steel demand in the world is obvious, but the growth rate of this market demand is obviously contrary to the growth rate of steel prices, which indicates that some steel prices are in bubble. For steel futures, as long as someone takes orders and the price is higher, the price will continue to rise.

Short comments: Driven by various factors, global steel prices have continued to rise in the past year or so. Therefore, the steel drum price is also on the rise, causing the price of some related industries, like steel drum packaging closure, to continuously rise up.

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