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Storage of Empty Steel Drums

Please always keep the steel drum indoors. Storing it outdoors may lead to rainwater getting inside the drum.

Storing the steel drum in corrosive environments with high temperatures, high humidity, acids, salt, etc., may accelerate the reduction of its lifespan.

When storing in conditions with temperature variations, condensation of moisture from the air may cause rusting on the inner surface of the steel drum. Additionally, condensation may mix with the contents, affecting the quality of the contents. Therefore, please use the steel drum within one week of production.

Do not open the drum cap seal except during the filling of the steel drum, as it may introduce foreign matter into the drum, contaminating the interior. Moreover, humid air entering and condensing inside the steel drum may lead to internal rusting.

Pay special attention to deformations in the interior-coated steel drum. Depending on the extent of deformation, it may result in the peeling of the interior coating.

Steel drums with chrome-plated flanges (injection ports) on the top cover are more susceptible to rust due to cracks caused by processing, so it is advisable to avoid storing them in hot and humid environments.

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