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Latest UN Marking Requirements For Open Steel Drums

Latest UN Marking Requirements For Open Steel Drums

1. The UN mark of the open steel drum for the packaging of dangerous goods for export shall be printed on the side of the steel drum:

2. "1A2"- Design Type: open steel drum

3. "Y, X or Z" - the hazard level of the goods approved for transportation

4. "225" - maximum allowable loading mass, unit: KG.

5. "S" - the goods inside are solid and can contain an inner package.

6. "21"- the year of manufacture of the steel drum.

7. "USA" - the country of the steel drum manufacturer.

8. "M-#" or "DOT" - the number registered by the drum manufacturer.

Short Comments: With the continuous updating and improvement of steel barrel production requirements, the quality and requirements of barrel accessories are also produced according to international standards to ensure the tightness of the barrel.

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