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[Market] OTL Lubricants' Brand Odorol Has Changed To A New 200 Litre Steel Drum Packaging, Showing Its Advantages To The Full!

Before we go to the auto repair shop maintenance to see are 4L or 1L plastic barrel oil packaging, oil change is also more traditional, now why more and more 200L steel barrel oil packaging, what are the advantages?

200L iron drum advantage

200L iron drum advantage

Environmental protection and energy saving

In line with the trend of environmental protection and energy saving advocated by the state in recent years, the waste plastic oil drum belongs to hazardous waste, which consumes energy and is expensive to deal with.

200L steel drum packaging not only reduces the use of plastic (one iron drum instead of 50 plastic drums), save cost;

At the same time, it eliminates the waste oil barrel treatment, the steel barrel can be reused, and the recycling treatment is simple and pollution-free.

Oil filling is more accurate

Oil filling is more accurate

The oil in the steel barrel is specially filled with the oil gun. The oil is filled according to different models, which is more accurate and will not cause unnecessary waste like the small package of oil.

Manufacturer's original real oil

Manufacturer's original real oil

Steel drum oil is generally supplied directly by the manufacturer, and the quality is consistent with the small package oil, so as to avoid the use of small package oil by illegal traders.

Climate change is becoming the focus of the world's attention, and carbon neutrality is a common goal of mankind.

OTL lubricants will keep up with the development of The Times, and continue to provide customers with more scientific and technological, more environmentally friendly, more competitive lubricants products!

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