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MySteel: The Price Of Steel Went Up

After the Spring Festival, the orderly resumption of work and production of all walks of life, domestic steel prices welcome a good start, as the "flower of iron and steel" tinplate is not willing to be outdone, tinplate production enterprises have increased the price, the price of the "8", the downstream can enterprises call cost is too high, high orders cautious. In the domestic tinplate prices repeatedly record high and "carbon peak" "carbon neutral" environmental protection production limit policy caused by the recent supply shortage of C material stimulation, tinplate industry and how to degenerate?

First, the ex-factory price rises 900 yuan, the spot market high transaction blocked

After the Spring Festival holiday, some steel mills have resumed work and production in succession. Under the support of a popular steel market, the order price has continued to rise. After Baowu Group released the forward price in April by 200 yuan, most private enterprises have increased the factory price in succession. As of press time, the base price of BA material for private factories in northern China is around 7800 yuan/ton, which is about 900 yuan higher than that before the holiday, while the base price of steel enterprises with high pre-holiday price has been increased by 500-600 yuan. Spot, as of press, Shanghai tin mainstream state-owned enterprises spot 0.2mm at 8380 yuan/ton, compared with the cumulative increase of 930 yuan/ton before the festival, Tianjin tin mainstream private enterprises 7600-7800 yuan/ton, spot price before the festival rose 550 yuan.

The Price Of Steel Went Up

From the Machou steel mill orders and spot market prices sharply pull up the situation, basically in line with the author of the post-festival market expectations, from raw tin ingot, iron ore, substrate cost support, tinplate prices are also hard to avoid.

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