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New Green Joins Hands With The Domestic Top Robot ESTUN

New Green Joins Hands With The Domestic Top Robot ESTUN

The notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the carbon peak action plan before 2030 also puts forward the carbon peak action for industry. This promotes green and low-carbon development in the industrial field, deeply implements green manufacturing projects, vigorously promotes green design, improves the green manufacturing system, and builds green factories and green industrial parks. This also promotes the integrated development of digitization, intelligence and greening in the industrial field, and strengthens the technological transformation of key industries and fields.

Therefore, under the background of "double carbon" goal and "industry 4.0", it has become a consensus to develop intelligent manufacturing. New Green sincerely adheres to the original intention of development, bravely assumes the green responsibility, continues to deeply cultivate robot manufacturing under the guidance of intelligent manufacturing 4.0 strategy, and has been improving and upgrading in terms of intelligent technology, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products and intelligent services.

The development and application of robot automation technology is one of the businesses of New Green intelligent manufacturing division. New Green can provide solution products and services covering automation and robot technology consulting, system scheme design, hardware and software environment construction, robot programming and debugging, robot operation training and maintenance. New Green industrial robot technology cooperates with the non-standard automation industry to help enterprises solve the problem of insufficient automation production capacity and promote the development of traditional industries towards high-end, intelligent, green and service. At the same time, it uses the market to realize the acquisition and innovation of global key technologies, and realizes intelligent manufacturing for customers with intelligent robots as the starting point. Recently, New Green has cooperated with top robot manufacturers in China to continuously promote the evolution and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing from automation to intelligence.

In the future, as a leading enterprise in industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, New Green will actively respond to the national call for low-carbon, environmental protection and green production, with the goal of carbon neutralization and intelligent manufacturing upgrading for more enterprises.

Short comments: New Green's active respond to the government low carbon action can help drum factories gain more opportunities to introduce advanced automatic robots to speed up the manufacture of steel drums and barrels.

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