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Advantages of Plastic Barrels

Plastic drums, also known as polyethylene drums, are ideal containers for storing chemicals, foods, medicines and other items. Before using them, you need to know some important things to ensure that they can store your items safely and effectively.


plastic barrel plug

  • Polyethylene drums are ideal industrial packaging drums made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which can resist any pH value. The sidewalls are thick and durable, and can withstand corrosion often encountered in industrial facilities.

  • They are easy to transport. When using polyethylene drums in industrial facilities, handle them with care. Otherwise, they may tip over and spill the contents inside. When moving them, avoid rolling and place them on a pallet. Additionally, properly installing a drum seal cap can provide a further layer of protection, safeguarding against potential leaks and contamination during transit or storage. 

  • They can be classified into open and closed drums. The open drum has a lid and drum lid clamp that can be removed. If you are looking for a steel drum, consider what you want to store inside.

 plastic barrel caps plastic barrel bung caps

Advantages of IBC tanks

IBC tank

When moving and storing materials, especially hazardous liquids, you can choose IBC tanks.


1. They are easy to transport.

Plastic drums often need to be placed on pallets or shrink-wrapped tightly to prevent spillage. IBC tanks can accommodate as much as a drum, can be moved freely, and do not require pallets or packaging.


2. They can be reused multiple times, achieving circular use.


3. They can reduce product waste. When discharging material from an IBC tank, all liquid inside the tank can be poured out, whereas ordinary drums usually have residual liquid inside.

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