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Other 10 Questions About Waterborne Paint?

11. How about the weather resistance and novelty resistance of waterborne paint?

It is much better than paint, about twice as much, because the resin crosslinking way of waterborne paint is not the same, so it is used for outdoor painting, waterborne paint has more obvious advantages than paint.

12. Does waterborne paint have stronger permeability to wood?

Yes, lumber has hydrophilic, the resin of water-based lacquer penetrates lumber extremely easily, give lumber fiber adherent, such to lumber fight crack to be able to have certain help.

13. Can waterborne paint have the clarity of oily paint?

Have, of course, also look at the clarity of the resin itself and cross - linked density, paint powder will also affect the clarity of paint film.

14, water paint VOC and oil paint VOC comparison?

Water-based coating water as a dispersing medium, in the spraying and drying process of volatile water, VOCs emissions are very few.

Solvent-based coating with organic solvent (VOCs content of 100% diluent) to adjust the paint, in the spraying and drying process has a large number of VOCs volatilization.

15. Why is it that water-based film is the most consistent film for wood?

Because water-based paint film is wrinkle film, oily paint is balance film, water-based paint can satisfy the deformation of wood day and night more.

16. Does the fast hardness of water-based paint mean that the water goes slowly than that of oily paint?

Is not, actually after waterborne paint besmear is installed, moisture is almost volatilized before packing, fast hardness is slow, because such as water plasticizer and so on additive volatilizes too slowly place to cause, this kind of additive is much slower than oily consimilar material.

17. Why is the water-based paint film getting harder and harder?

Because as a few additives volatilize finished, water-based resin as mutual adhesion, will more squeeze tighter, naturally is the hardness of paint film is higher and higher.

18. Does the wear resistance of waterborne paint represent hardness?

Does not represent, but has a certain relationship, high hardness can improve the scratch resistance, but the resistance to wear may be related to the film quality, the amount of water-based wax added.

19. Why is there little dust when waterborne paint is polished?

Because the resin has better hydrophilic than oily resin, flying dust is easy to absorb the moisture in the air and sink, so, the use of water-based paint will appear particularly clean air.

20. Why can't waterborne paint be polished with sandpaper?

Because the water sandpaper is mainly used for the operation of water grinding, the sand planting method and the desalination method are also different from the dry sandpaper, it is easy to heat up from grinding, and the resin of the water-based paint film is more, and it is easier to be heat back to plastic, and the desalination ability of the water sandpaper is poor, which causes easy to be stained with sandpaper.

In short, waterborne paint is a new type of environmental protection paint relative to paint, its environmental protection principle is to replace the diluent in traditional paint with water.

Compared with traditional paint, the biggest characteristic of water-based paint is with water as diluent, nearly 50% is the water that is harmless to human body and the environment, does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI, heavy metal and other toxic and harmful substances, can minimize the harm to the natural environment pollution and to human health.

Because 50% is water, so water-based paint non-toxic no stimulating smell, brushing can be moved in, during the construction process, non-flammable non-explosion, high safety factor.

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