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The Temperature Of The Spray Room And Drying Room Should Be Strictly Controlled

With the constant change of temperature and humidity, the evaporation rate of water will also be affected by the temperature and produce a certain degree of fluctuation, so the relevant personnel only strictly control the temperature and humidity of the spray room, to avoid the occurrence of various problems such as pinhole, flow, and hang. Under normal circumstances, the steel drum industry to control the spray room temperature requirements will be between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃, while the humidity should be kept at 30% to 70%, due to the steel drum coating line is not installed air conditioning system, so the temperature and humidity all the year round is also difficult to achieve expected to go, so adding to water-based paint construction temperature of the air conditioning system is critical. Some steel barrel enterprises have poor coating conditions, so they continue to improve the indoor temperature, so as to accelerate the growth of moisture, so as to effectively avoid various problems.

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