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Overview Of Metal Packaging Container Closure

The metal sealing compound is used for the sealing of rigid packaging containers and is mainly used for the sealing of various bottles, cans and barrels. In order to make the seal good, rubber or resin coatings are often applied to the lid flange.

(1) Metal caps for bottles are mainly used for the sealing of various plastic, glass and metal bottles, which are divided into the following categories:

① Gland sealing. The seal is reliable and easy to unseal. It is often used for the sealing of glass bottles of beer, soda and other gas-containing beverages.

②Twist the broken cover (also known as the anti-theft cover) to seal. The seal is tight and reliable, easy to unsealed, beautiful in appearance, and can leave traces when unsealing, to identify whether the product has been used, suitable for high-end wine bottle sealing.

③Sealing with piping. It is mainly used for the sealing of wide-mouth glass bottles and cans. The bottom edge of the cylindrical metal lid is rolled and deformed and pressed tightly on the lower end of the bottle mouth flange to form a seal. There is a ring-shaped spring rubber pad between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap so that the sealing can be reliably sealed.

④Screw cap and seal. The cap and the container are sealed by a threaded connection, which is one of the common sealing methods for various bottles and containers.

(2) Metal can lids are used for the sealing of metal cans. The most common ones are:

①Cut open cover;

②Pull open cover.

(3) The aerosol valve is mainly used for the packaging of aerosol cans.

(4) The barrel sealer is mainly used for sealing various barrels.

Short comment: The metal cap seal can effectively seal the content. Our company provides various cap seals. Customers can choose to print the color and logo on the surface of the metal cap seal. At the same time, we also provide plastic cap seal.

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