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What Are the Recommended Colors for Steel Drum in Global Market?

The latest recommended color standard for steel drums issued by the International Steel Drum Organization, among which the ICDM steel drum color standard has been affirmed by many parties and recommended as the international general steel drum color standard. The following table is the recommended color comparison table of steel drums issued by ICDM and other international organizations:


In the table, ICDM recommends 14 colors; JSDA recommends 19 colors; SSCI recommends 20 colors; SEFA recommends 24 colors.

The reason why various international organizations publish recommended color tables for steel drum closure is to limit the environmental pollution caused by steel drum coating, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the content of heavy metals and toxic and harmful substances in coatings. By guiding color preferences, it can also reduce unnecessary troubles caused by too many colors to the production of coopers.

International organizations generally believe that the 14 colors released by ICDM have the most scientific and promotional value. We hope that all steel drum companies will try their best to implement this standard, and recommend that all steel drum users accept these 14 colors, and call for the use of single-color painting as much as possible. Use less or no two-color or multi-color coating to reduce more coating waste and VOC emissions.

Introduction of each international organization in the table:

ICDM: International Steel Drum Manufacturers Confederation. JSDA: Japan Steel Drum Manufacturers Association, released on behalf of AOSD (Asia Pacific Steel Drum Association).

SSCI: International Steel Vessel and Container Association.

SEFA: European Steel Drum Manufacturers Federation. The color standard numbers in the table are the international Raul (RAL) color numbers.

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