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Industrial Coating VOCs Emissions? How To Use Waterborne Coating To Reduce Emissions in Steel Barrel Manufacturing

In recent years, the rapid development of China's national economy has attracted worldwide attention, but the consequent environmental pollution and resource shortage have become increasingly apparent. Governments at all levels are making efforts to promote the coordinated development of China's economy and environment, so as to achieve the strategic goal of sustainable development in China.

China's industrial economy is the main driving force of the rapid development of national economy, and the environmental pollution caused by it is also the main component of China's environmental problems.

Therefore, seeking the evolution law between environmental quality and industrial economic growth is an important subject of environmental economic research at present.

Previously, industrial production and use are solvent-based coatings still occupy a dominant position.

With the introduction of national policies, the deepening of the concept of public environmental protection, as well as the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the entire coating industry, the application of water-based industrial coating has become an inevitable trend.

We take industrial steel barrel production as an example, the average production of a 200 litre standard steel barrel coating usage is about 0.2 kg (not including diluent), spraying construction also need to add about 20% of the diluent.

Therefore, the production of a standard 200 litre steel drum VOCs emissions of 0.12 ~ 0.15 kg.

According to the national output of 150 million steel drums, VOCs emissions from the national steel drum manufacturing industry are about 1.8 ~ 23,000 tons.

In view of the environmental protection problems of coatings in steel drum industry, in recent years, through continuous research and development, we have successively launched a number of water-based products suitable for steel drum coating.

Water-based paint diluted with water and cleaning water coating equipment, the price is low, almost regardless of the cost, and diluted solvent coating and coating equipment cleaning of diluents, on the other hand, are organic solvent, relative cost is higher, especially some units use paint color is more long, cleaning coating equipment are frequent, it consumed a lot thinner, and can't use again,

It is bound to cause some economic losses.

The health and environmental protection characteristics of water-based coating can avoid or reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, and the use unit can produce potential economic benefits.

Water-based coating than solvent-based coating hiding power is stronger, reduce the use of unit steel barrel paint manufacturers, increase the number of unit paint spraying, save the cost of coating, improve the economic benefits of the use of units.

Short comments: We have the choice of drum closure and cap seal for barrel for spraying. When choosing materials, we will also choose spraying products from big factories, such as PPG. We are also preparing to develop new spraying lines using RESCO paint.

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