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Packaging Market And Development Trends In North America

North America is the world's second largest packaging market after China. As of 2017, the apparent packaging consumption in North America was approximately US$2030 billion. Although packaging in North America is relatively mature, some market segments are beginning to grow rapidly. It is predicted that by 2022, the consumer market will account for approximately 65% of the total North American packaging market. From the perspective of usage, food will be the largest user in the packaging industry, while healthcare and cosmetics will be the fastest-growing packaging user industry. The development of the packaging industry will be driven by changing shopping behaviors. This drive also puts forward new requirements on packaging, including:

1: More emphasis on convenience and environmental issues;

2: More in line with the requirements of e-commerce;

3: Demand for functional packaging and smart packaging;

4: The packaging is digitized, and it is effectively connected with the Internet of Things technology.

Therefore, in the future, North America’s packaging industry will see trends such as increased investment in R&D and innovation, enhanced consumer data analysis, redistribution of resources and assets, and a greater degree of sustainable transformation of products (including production processes).

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