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Notice On The Key Work Of Brand Construction In The Packaging Industry In 2021-4

Continuously promote the filing and upgrading of brand services

(I) Further strengthen the service of the work team, adjust and optimize the expert team, improve the evaluation system of packaging brand cultivation, and conduct brand cultivation evaluation and precise guidance in packaging enterprises.

(II) Further use online media such as websites and WeChat official accounts, and offline platforms such as magazines, exhibitions, forums, international exchanges and Brand Report to publicize and promote excellent brand enterprises and products.

(3) the work to further enhance the brand service levels, more brand value-added services, such as customized personalized brand training at home and abroad, differentiation marketing plan, etc., and give priority to participate in the national packaging technical committee for standardization standard system revision, the selection of the packaging industry science and technology prize, China packaging magazine advertisements published and manufacturing single champion, the two fusion, the national small and medium-sized enterprises public service demonstration platform, the national industrial design center, the state-owned enterprises in the integrated production and education ministries such as project is recommended.

Relevant Requirements

(1) All local contracting associations (package association, packaging office) and professional committees of China contracting association are invited to fully understand the significance of carrying out industrial brand cultivation and evaluation, strengthen publicity and mobilization, and recommend excellent brand enterprises, products and excellent cases of brand construction.

(two) please member units, packaging enterprises attach great importance to brand cultivation and evaluation and "brand report" preparation, truthfully fill in the declaration materials and press the Times.

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