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PetroChina Participated In The China Independent Brand Expo In 2021

PetroChina Participated In The China Independent Brand Expo In 2021

On May 10, the 2021 China Independent Brands Expo and International Forum opened in Shanghai.

Duan Liangwei, director of the Group and deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group, attended the opening ceremony and related activities.

PetroChina's booth, located in the central enterprise exhibition area of the Expo, is composed of three units: "energy contribution", "intelligent service" and "responsibility responsibility".

"Dedication of energy, green development of high quality" through interactive sand table, three-dimensional images and other displays of the domestic "five oil and three gas" oil and gas resources development, "5435" international business pattern, refining and chemical business transformation and upgrading, green and low-carbon development, as well as the main business in various fields of technological innovation and high-end products.

"Smart Service, Imagining Every Station of Life" through face recognition, intelligent robot refueling, non-oil commodity display and other interactive experience to demonstrate the effectiveness of PetroChina to grasp the new retail, new marketing opportunities, and promote the implementation of the "Internet + marketing" strategy.

The Green Winter Olympics and fulfilling responsibilities were also well received by the visitors, which fully demonstrated the good corporate image of CNPC in green development and serving a better life.

PetroChina Participated In The China Independent Brand Expo In 2021

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