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What Is the Importance of the Sealing Performance of Plastic Drum Caps?

The types of plastic barrels are diverse, but they are mainly used for storage and transportation, and the key performance of these two purposes is sealing. When customers purchase plastic drum caps, they will compare prices, brands, quality and other aspects to make a decision.

1. The importance of sealing performance for plastic drum caps

Good raw materials are the prerequisite for the sealing performance of plastic drum caps. The production materials of plastic drum caps can be divided into polypropylene and polyethylene, and these plastic particles can be classified into different grades based on their density. Therefore, when purchasing plastic caps for drums, it is important to consider whether the manufacturer uses high-quality polyethylene or polypropylene. If recycled materials are used, the sealing performance will be far inferior to that of a barrel made from new material. To improve the sealing performance of plastic barrels, it is necessary to fully understand the performance of the materials and take advantage of their strengths. Material proportions and formulations are also crucial factors.

The production of plastic drum caps seems simple, but if the properties of the raw materials and the working principles of the equipment and molds are not fully understood, then there may be situations where the lid does not fit properly, the seal is not tight, or the volume is inaccurate. Consequently, molds play a critical role. Injection molds are the key to producing plastic drum cap, and the design of the molds can affect the fit between the lid and the barrel during production. If the molds are designed improperly, the lid may become distorted, resulting in poor sealing performance and an inferior product.

2. The correct way to open plastic drum caps

Currently, the opening of sealed plastic packaging barrels under existing technology requires tools such as wrenches or knives to open the barrel lid. Even with bare hands, it can take a lot of time and effort to open the lid. Accidents, such as injuries, can occur when using tools, which can affect customer satisfaction. Some manufacturers have introduced easy-open lids to meet customers' demands. These lids use a wave-shaped easy-open line design. In the opening process, as long as the sealing strip attached to the plastic packaging barrel is torn and pulled, the lid can easily be opened along the tear line with a little force.

Many knowledgeable customers may ask: will this kind of easy-open plastic drum cap affect its sealing performance? The answer is no. The sealing ring of the plastic drum cap is on the contact surface between the barrel body and the lid, while the corrugated line is below the lid. It will not have any impact on the sealing performance of the plastic drum cap. Therefore, customers who need easy-open lids can place their orders with confidence.

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