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Reusable Packaging Industry Initiative

Reusable Packaging Industry Initiative

The Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA) advocates policies and practices that encourage the additional use and reuse of reusable industrial and transport packaging. Packaging reuse reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and RPCCA seeks to encourage enterprises to use more such packaging where feasible.

01. What is reusable industrial and transport packaging?

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) uses the following definition of the term “industrial packaging”:

Industrial packaging - a packaging used to transport or store goods whose contents are not repackaged and cannot be used for retail.

This definition does not address the issue of structural materials and capacity, as the capacity of packaging for industrial purposes ranges from a few ounces to thousands of gallons, and such packaging is made of a variety of materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

Shipping packaging is defined by ASTM as:

Packaging of one or more articles or packages or bulk materials for shipping and / or distribution purposes.

This definition includes items such as plastic pallets and pallets made of plastic or wood.

02. How can industrial and transport packaging reuse reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The reuse of industrial and transport packaging is one of the most environmentally friendly practices available to enterprises. Reuse of industrial and transport packaging:

-Reduce energy consumption. Reuse saves energy by reducing raw material procurement requirements, limiting the production of new packaging, and eliminating most of the transportation related impacts associated with each of these functions.

-Reduce the generation of solid waste. From the extraction of raw materials to the manufacture of new packaging, solid waste will be produced at each stage of the production process. When industrial packaging is reused, most of these wastes will be reduced or eliminated.

-Reduce atmospheric and water emissions. Atmospheric and aquatic wastes are part of the production process. A large part of such waste is eliminated through packaging and reuse.

03. What is the impact of industrial and transport packaging reuse on greenhouse gas emissions?

In the United States, based on the number of reusable packaging used, it is estimated that the total greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by about 2 billion pounds (900000 tons) per year. RIPA believes that if industrial packaging users work together to use more reusable packaging, this number may increase significantly.

Short comments: As reusable packaging is highly recommended nowadays, the reconditioned steel and plastic drums are having the promising future for environmental protection. Meanwhile, drum closures can be applied on those reusable products.

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