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The introduction of drum plug

The content of product introduction today is the drum plug, which is usually divided into two types: galvanized and coated, with two sizes of 2 inches and 3/4 inches, round in shape, and screwed into the flange. 


those are equipped with gasket of BUNA, EPDM, PE, Viton or irradiated poly gasket performing well in helium leakage test under different conditions, and provide a standard sealing system for steel drum containers.


Aiming at against corrosion, zinc plated with passivization in Chrome 3 or Chrome 6 (As with the flange characteristics, Chrome 3 is what we usually call silver, and Chrome 6 is what we usually call yellow)is the most common surface treatment of drum flange and drum plug. Our zinc plating technique enables closures keep non-rust over 96 hours in salt spray test.


Lacquered drum plug is Chrome 3 or Chrome 6 drum plug with lacquered resins for better resistance to the drum filers, such as food contact, solvent corrosion and high temperature.


 Epoxy phenolic is a types of lacquer resin applied either to the inner side of steel drum or on outer outside of drum closure. Epoxy phenolic  paint is a high-performance, highly crosslinked, two-component epoxy phenolic tank paint with outstanding heat and solvent resistance.Epoxy phenolic resin paint is suitable for use as the inner lining of storage and processing vessels in petrochemical plants to resist the attack of acidic crude oil at temperatures up to 95 degree and water from gas separators. It has good resistance to aromatic and lipid repellent solvents.


Epoxy phenolic also has good stability and excellent chemical resistance. Epoxy resin without alkali, salt and other impurities is not easy to deteriorate. As long as it is stored properly (sealed, not exposed to moisture and high temperature), its storage period is 1 year. It can still be used if it passes the inspection after the expiration.

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