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Water - Based Paint Coating Several Technical Requirements Analysis

1. The remedy to the case: choose the right water-based paint.

Most of the waterborne paint produced by manufacturers is actually attached to the scope of application of the product packaging. For example, water-based wood wax lacquer series products are suitable for indoor and outdoor wood products, furniture, floor can be selected; And water - based white wood paint can be applied to indoor and outdoor wood products, metal and so on to do the covering effect.

2. How to color: what should we pay attention to when waterborne paint color?

Water-based paint must use water-based paste for color palette. Generally speaking, water-based series color paste has water-based transparent, translucent and covering series color paste. In these three kinds of color paste, only water-based covering series color paste can be used for metal renovation and antirust treatment. Color paste in use is generally a bucket of water-based paint with a color paste, it is recommended that we add more or less according to the actual situation in the color mixing, first add the right amount of color paste, while mixing into the water-based paint while stirring evenly and then test the color in a small area, try to achieve satisfactory results before large area construction.

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