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Shelf Life Of Steel Drum

The storage life of steel drums is largely determined by factors beyond the control of the drum manufacturer. Because after the completion of steel drum manufacturing, packaging steel drum is almost in the user side.

The storage life of steel drum is not only affected by the production technology, treatment method, transportation, filling, storage and empting, but also changes significantly with the difference of the user's understanding of the product and acceptance standard. The properties of steel drum filling products can directly affect the service life of steel drum after filling.

To sum up, if a steel drum is stored in a cool, dry, without large temperature and humidity changes, and has a serious and responsible work attitude to select and handle, at least should be suitable for its use, its shelf life is as follows:

Shelf life before filling: ordinary steel drum (without inner coating), 1 ~ 3 months, after which there may be corrosion inside the drum. Inner coating or lining steel drum, 1 ~ 3 years, will deteriorate from the external surface of the steel drum, so as to slowly corrode the steel drum.

Shelf life after filling: shelf life of all steel drums is 6 ~ 12 months (instructions below).

Shelf Life Of Steel Drum


Assuming that qualified (appropriate) inner coated (or lined) steel drums are selected for filling products, the expected service life of the steel drums after filling is 12 months. In temperate weather conditions, there should be no effect on its packaged products for 12 months. However, very corrosive products or very serious (tropical) storage conditions can lead to a greatly shortened quality life of steel drums.

Factors affecting storage life of empty steel drum:

1. steel drum outer wall coating, ink, sealing ring and other auxiliary parts of the quality: packaging drum manufacturer's responsibility.

2. Transportation and disposal of empty drums: the responsibility of packaging drum manufacturers and customers.

3. empty steel drum storage conditions and length of time: packaging drum customer's responsibility.

Factors affecting storage life of steel drum after filling:

1, steel drum outer wall coating, the choice of ink, gasket and liner or inner coating quality, that is, the quality of the coating in the steel drum, the packaging steel drum manufacturer is responsible for.

2. It is hoped that drum manufacturers and users can give some suggestions on the compatibility of steel drum filling products and inner coating of steel drum, as well as the physical and chemical properties of the containing products.

3. Filling and disposal of steel drums: the steel drum users are responsible for the filling and disposal of steel drums (including bottlers, distributors and end users).

4. The end user shall be responsible for the storage of steel drums after delivery and filling.

Short comments: In the transportation process of steel drums, in the case of memory objects, high-quality drum closure is needed to ensure good sealing, prevent leakage, explosion and other situations.

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