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Soda Lime Glass Control Bottle And Low Borosilicate Glass Control Bottle

There are two types of glass control bottles in the domestic market, one is soda lime glass control bottles, and the other is low borosilicate glass control bottles. Now with the continuous development of domestic industry, the containers used for holding, such as water injection, freeze-dried powder, etc., are all shifting to neutral borosilicate glass. Why is the material of the bottle still hovering over soda lime glass and low borosilicate glass? Doesn't it follow other developments like neutral borosilicate?

Mainly because it is not too corrosive, soda lime glass and low borosilicate glass can meet the packaging requirements. Neutral borosilicate glass only requires water resistance and does not require alkali resistance. If used for packaging, it will cause This is not allowed by domestic conditions.

The inspection contents for glass bottles include: 1. Appearance defect inspection: Appearance defect inspection is to inspect the product according to product quality standards to remove unqualified products. The purpose of glass bottles is different, and the requirements for defects are different; 2. Glass bottles Dimensional inspection: The inspection of product geometrical dimensions is an important inspection item. Determine whether the product is within the specified tolerance range by inspecting the size of the glass bottle. The size inspection mainly includes production capacity, actual volume, bottle diameter, bottle mouth size and other minor dimensions.

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