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Sudden! Fire Broke Out in Barrel Factory in Wenzhou, China

Sudden! Fire Broke Out in Barrel Factory in Wenzhou, China

At about 12:10 p.m. on August 11, a netizen said that a plant at the intersection of Longgang Dongcheng Road and Rainbow Avenue had a fire, and thick smoke obscured the sky and the sun at the scene! It may be a local steel drum manufacturer.

According to the video provided by the netizen, the incident took place in a factory at the intersection: clusters of black smoke billowed out of the factory to cover the sky.

Witnesses have timely dialed 119, waiting for the fire brigade to rush to the scene for disposal.

So far, there are no casualties. Details are still being collected. The specific situation is subject to the official news. Please don’t spread out or believe the rumors.

Fire is something none of us want to experience. It will not only cause huge economic losses, but also endanger lives in serious cases.

Over the years, almost every domestic barrel making enterprise has had fires of varying degrees, but so far, many barrel making enterprises believe that the barrel making enterprises are full of steel and cannot burn. This idea is highly undesirable.

Short comments: The lessons of many fires show us that fires in barrel making enterprises are extremely easy to occur, and steel drum packaging factory also need to be careful.

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