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The Influence Of The Newness Of Steel Barrels On The Honey Inside

Generally, there are two main processes for us to feed bees, one is supplementary feeding and the other is reward feeding. Especially now, it is autumn. Many of our bee friends are thinking about feeding bees overwintering honey. If we use honey in iron barrels to feed winter honey to bees, we should pay attention to it. This is very easy to cause bee heavy metal poisoning, especially honey in rusty old iron barrels, which must not be used as bees. For winter feed, if bees are poisoned by heavy metals, diarrhea occurs in mild cases, and the whole scene is destroyed in severe cases. Many friends have not noticed this problem, but many bee friends have been fooled, but many bee friends do not know the cause of heavy metal poisoning. Therefore, the honey in iron barrels, if it is a rusty iron barrel, must not be used as overwintering feed. Even if we usually use it for feeding, we need to be cautious and need to be processed before it can be used for feeding.

Short comment: From the text, we can see that you can't use old metal drums to store honey. At the same time, steel drum closures are used to increase the sealing performance of the drum. CX's steel drum closure has a good material, which can effectively prevent corrosion.

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