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The Ways Of Delivery Cargos

The Ways Of Delivery Cargos

There are many ways to transport goods in foreign trade, mainly including ocean transport, railway transport, air transport, river transport, postal transport, road transport, pipeline transport, land bridge transport and international multimodal transport combined by various modes of transport.

The common ways in China are as follows:

1. Ocean transportation

In the international transportation of goods, ocean transport is the most widely used.

2. Railway transportation

In international cargo transportation, rail transport is the main mode of transportation second only to ocean transportation. The import and export goods of ocean transportation are mostly concentrated and dispersed by rail transportation.

3. Air transport

Air transport is a modern mode of transport. Compared with ocean transport and railway transport, air transport has the advantages of fast transport speed, high freight quality and being free from restrictions on ground conditions.

Therefore, it is most suitable for the transport of urgently needed goods, fresh commodities, precision instruments and valuables.

4. Transport by road, river and parcel post

(1) Road transportation

Road transportation is a modern mode of transportation, which can not only directly carry in or out foreign trade goods, but also an important means of distributing import and export goods at stations, ports and airports.

(2) Inland river transport

Inlandwater transportation is an important part of water transportation. It is the link between inland hinterland and coastal areas, and plays an important role in the transportation and distribution of import and export goods.

(3) Parcel transport

Parcelpost transport is a relatively simple mode of transport.

There are agreements and contracts between the postal services of different countries through which mail parcels can be transferred to each other, thus forming an international network of postal parcels.

Because international parcel transport has the nature of international multimodal transport and "door to door" transport, in addition, the procedures are simple, the cost is not high, so it has become one of the modes of transport widely used in international trade.

5. Container transport and international multimodal transport

(1) Container transport

Container transport is a modern and advanced mode of transportation in which containers are used as transportation units to automate the transportation of goods. It can be applied to ocean transportation, railway transportation and international multimodal transportation.

(2) International multimodal transport

International multimodal transport is a comprehensive and coherent mode of transport produced and developed on the basis of container transport. It generally combines various traditional single modes of transport, including sea, land and air, organically and forms an international coherent transport with container as the medium price.

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