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The Development Problems Faced By Iron And Steel Enterprises

In the demand is still growing under the premise, both to limit production and ensure effective supply, need to reduce exports of steel products, increase imports to balance domestic demand.

In the new pattern of "double cycle", the steel industry should mainly meet the domestic demand, even if there is a certain gap, can also be used to supplement the import, especially to encourage the import of billet and other primary products.

Iron and steel enterprises should change the concept of development, reduce the export of low-end products, and continue to encourage the export of products with high added value and high technology content, so as to maintain the hard-won market share.

Association attaches great importance to carbon peak, carbon neutral work, one of the four major work this year is "promote ultra-low emissions, looking for low-carbon path", is paying close attention to the steel industry carbon peak path.

The iron and steel industry should fight the battle of low-carbon and green development in accordance with the unified deployment of the country to ensure that carbon reaches the peak before 2030 and strive to achieve carbon peak in advance.

The total amount and proportion of carbon emissions in the steel industry should be carefully studied in cooperation with the ministries and commissions of the state, and shall be subject to the public release of the state.

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