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【Technology】 The Influence Of Temperature And Humidity in The Construction Process Of Waterborne Paint!

The Influence Of Temperature And Humidity in The Construction Process Of Waterborne Paint!

The influence of temperature and humidity in the process of waterborne paint construction.

In recent years, waterborne paint has been developed rapidly because of its environmental protection. In response to this trend, the application of alkynediol surfactant in waterborne paint industry has also been growing rapidly.

We need to pay attention to the fact that the waterborne paint is very different from the oil-based paint in the construction properties, especially in the moderately large summer.

Temperature and humidity are two important factors in the construction process of waterborne paint. The industry experience is summarized as follows.

First, water paint construction of the best temperature and humidity.

The temperature is generally better than 10℃, humidity control in less than 80%±5.

Two, the main impact of temperature change on water-based paint.

Water-based paint viscosity will change, low temperature, high viscosity;

High temperature, low viscosity;

Water paint drying speed will change water, high temperature, fast drying;

Low temperature, slow drying.

Three, water paint construction does not need constant temperature and humidity environment.

As mentioned above, water paint construction is usually as long as the temperature ≥10℃, humidity ≤80± 5% of the conditions can be.

Just temperature low point or humidity high point, paint film dryness speed can drop, accelerate conversely.

The so-called constant temperature and humidity may be on the manufacturer's product quality is more influential.

There are cases in the actual operation, water paint in temperature ≥20℃, humidity ≤80% (±5) under the conditions of self-drying, surface dry ≤10 minutes, grinding ≤2 hours, drying speed has been about the same as nitro, do not need constant temperature and humidity.

Four, dry, high temperature environment is directly proportional to the film drying speed?

In general, the table dry, grinding and packaging this period of early time does have such a rule, but the later, the environment on the film drying effect significantly reduced.

Five, low temperature or humidity environment, how to assist the use of water-based paint?

The simple and effective way is to transport the hot air and extract the moisture.

Six, the influence of ventilation environment on the drying of water-based paint.

Air circulation is easy to take away the moisture of the film, extremely conducive to the film drying.

However, attention should be paid to avoid the inflow of moist air during the plum rain season.

Seven, when the temperature is lower than 10℃, the use of water paint in addition to improve the construction environment temperature, but also should pay attention to other problems.

One is to pay attention to the temperature of the substrate, the substrate can be pulled to the place where the hot air is transported, so that the temperature difference between the substrate and the construction environment is not too large, otherwise it is easy to paint film defects;

Two is to pay attention to the waterborne paint at low temperature viscosity will become larger, leveling performance will also significantly decline.

One component waterborne paint needs to be heated and held to 20-30℃ for use, while two component products need to be heated and held to 15-20℃ for use.

Eight, the construction environment humidity is higher than 85%, the use of water-based paint in addition to reducing humidity, but also need to pay attention to the details.

1. High humidity significantly affects the drying of water-based paint film, and hot air should be transported.

2. The paint film after just coating is easy to flow and hang, so the drying conditions need to be improved.

3. It is easy to run oil and shrink oil when coating, so it is necessary to reduce the surface humidity of the substrate.

Nine, single-component and two-component waterborne paint on the environmental requirements are basically the same, two-component products on the environmental requirements of higher tolerance, because it is a reaction film, and the single component is self-crosslinking film.

Short comments: Painted drum closure can also be used to store and ship waterborne paints in steel barrels. Painted drum closure can be used to ensure that painted drums remain in good quality.

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