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Why Do Lubricant Oil Oxidize

Why Do Lubricant Oil Oxidize

After deep oxidation of the lubricating oil, the internal chemical composition of oxygen element increases, the molecular weight increases, from hydrocarbon compounds into non-hydrocarbon compounds.

The color on the surface becomes darker, the precipitation increases, the corrosion increases, and the service performance of the lubricating oil decreases.

That's why we need to change the oil regularly.

The end products of oxidation in the use of lubricating oil, such as the oxidation of engine lubricating oil has two directions: one direction is to generate acidic substances (such as carboxylic acid, hydroxy acid, asphaltenic acid, etc.) and ester intermediate products, the end product is carbonyl;

The other direction is the formation of colloid, asphaltene, and the final product is semi-oil coke.

Hydroxy acid, half lactide, asphaltene acid, these ingredients slightly soluble in lubricating oil, the precipitation part for viscous material, easy to adhere to the metal surface, high temperature will be converted into the asphalt, half oil coke quality, carbon film green quality, with dark brown or black body powder of fine particles suspended in the oil, gathered into larger particles can be precipitated from the oil.

So, when the lubricating oil needs to be replaced, we must not love money oh.

The oxidation of lubricating oil is not only related to its own chemical composition but also closely related to the use conditions, such as the height of temperature, the size of air pressure or oxygen partial pressure, the catalytic effect of the metal in contact, etc.

One of the most important factors is the catalytic action of metals.

Practice has proved that many metals have catalytic effect on the oxidation of lubricating oil. Among the commonly used metals, copper has the greatest catalytic effect on lubricating oil, especially when there is moisture.

Short comments: The main reason of metal catalysis is to promote the decomposition of peroxides and generate free radicals, thus accelerating the oxidation reaction. Our products, drum closure and drum cap seal, are used to ensure the sealing of lubricating oil drums in the process of transportation and storage, so as to ensure no oxidation in the early stage.

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