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Manufacture and use of open drums

The use of the opening bucket: mainly used for loading paint, high rarefied liquid, powder, solid. The lid of the bucket can be fully opened, used and operated. There are two kinds of barrel hoops, bolt type and wrench type, bolt type has high strength and good sealing, and wrench type operation is convenient. The barrel body, the top and the bottom of the open iron barrel are made of the whole thin steel plate, which is not allowed to splice and the welding seam of the barrel body is welded by resistance welding. The barrel type of the open iron barrel should comply with the following rules: there are two ring-ribs, and there are 3 to 7 ripples between the ring-ribs and the top of the barrel and the ring-ribs and the bottom of the barrel. The drum body and the drum top and the drum bottom roll seal fill the sealing filler according to the demand, and the type can be used to double the rolling edge or triple the rolling edge two kinds of closing device should be set on the top of the drum according to the opening type.

After using the open bucket for a period of time, if the open iron bucket is found to be black, do not use the family steel wire to scrub, not to use the washing liquid containing bleaching ingredients to liquidate, so that although the light will be restored temporarily, but you will destroy the maintenance film, later with the passage of time, more and more dirty, your trouble will be more and more. The correct way is to sprinkle the detergent or detergent powder on the soft cloth, dip in a little water, and then wipe, then clean with water, put it outdoors, dry naturally, can not put the opening bucket into a wet place, can not touch the air, so that the opening bucket will be corroded due to moisture.

Packaging drum printing, a small iron drum opened, mainly to see the inner wall of the iron drum light is not lubricated, bright is not bright, there are no defects. The packaging is not severe, the inner wall is not lubricated, there are defects, there is corrosion, is not good drum packaging, this proves that the packaging is seriously not good, lack of weight, steel is not good. A budget should be made for the quantity, and then the same batch, avoid color differences or other changes between different batches. Choose the packaging drum should choose the same brand, the primer and the top paint will not affect the effect of the product.


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