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How to Select a Great Closure System for My Steel Drum?

How much attention you put on steel drum closure system? It is the “last close” of drum factory and the “first open” of drum user, as well as the only connection of inner content and outter environment, makes it a critical role in steel drum industry.  

Let's break down some necessary points and figure out what really matters in selecting great steel drum closure.  

Standard--The main specification principal is to follow  ISOF-15750-3 standard, while there is also JIS Z 1604 standard in the market. Always ask your supplier for specification sheet and whether they follow standard strictly.

Flange Rivet--

Plug Leakage--

Anti-Rust-- anti-rust is achieved by proper zinc plating, while it is necessary to understand its technology and thickness. Less thickness will make it fail to prevent good anti-rust property while much thick layer will break off during riveting process.

Capseal-- Two ways are selectable for the final cover on closure system. One is an easy way for dust and water prevention--conventional cap seal and push on cap seal. These are most quick way for installation and cost-effective.

One is with anti-theft character-- A perfect printed brand logo on cap seal, or even with ring retainer, drum user can easily recognize whether the drum has been opened or not by the cap seal

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