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The Three Armies Met, They Had An Exchange Of Ideas in The Iron Man Memorial Hall

The Three Armies Met, They Had An Exchange Of Ideas in The Iron Man Memorial Hall

On the afternoon of July 11th,

Daqing ironman memorial for a group of special guests, they are just finished "the long march" group company skill experts interact, three teams "meet" in iron man spirit home group company skills talents to get things done and oil red mark to visit activity summarized symposium, further summarizes successful experience, exchange experience.

What is the background of the summing-up meeting?

On June 21st, the activity of "Skilled Leading Talents Going to Enterprises to Do Practical Work and Oil Red Mark Visit", which was jointly organized by the Human Resources Department of the Group, the Publicity Department of the Party Leadership Group and China Petroleum News, was simultaneously launched in Longchang, Sichuan Province, Horgos, Xinjiang Province and Langfang, Hebei Province.

This is the group company to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, fully implement the deployment of the central government, and actively practice the "I do practical work for the masses" important measures.

It aims to gather the technical and technical advantages of high-skilled talents, serve the needs of enterprise production and talent team construction, promote the study and education of Party history to go deep and solid, and promote the red spirit into the mind and heart.

Short comments: Good oil also needs to use drum closure, cap seal and other steel drum seals with good sealing to prevent leakage during transportation.

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