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Classification and Process Flow of Steel Drums

The steel drum is one of the traditional containers and occupies a very important position in the traditional containers. The function of steel drums has evolved from temporary storage of contents to today's industrial packaging, sales packaging, transportation packaging, etc.; From production to circulation and consumption to form a consistent flow container, which has become a means of long-term preservation of the contents, it can be said that steel barrels have brought great changes and progress to human work and life.Steel drum is mainly cold-rolled steel, compared with other metals, steel sources are rich, energy consumption and cost is also low, still accounts for the first metal, packaging steel is mainly low-carbon steel sheet. Low carbon sheet steel has good plasticity and ductility, good barrel-making process and excellent comprehensive protection performance. The biggest disadvantage of steel is poor corrosion resistance and easy rust, which must be used by surface coating and coating. According to the different composition and use of the surface coating, steel drum packaging steel mainly has the following categories:

Cold rolled low carbon sheet steel

Mainly used for manufacturing large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums.

Hot rolled low carbon sheet steel

Mainly used for manufacturing large and medium-sized transport packaging steel drums.

Galvanized steel sheet

Also known as sheet iron, is the most ideal material for barrel making, mainly used in the manufacture of various steel drums for industrial product packaging.

Tinned steel sheet

Tinned sheet, also known as tinplate, is the main material for the manufacture of small steel drums, which are widely used in the canning industry, and can also be used to manufacture other food and non-food small buckets and containers.

Chrome-plated steel plate

Also known as Wuxi steel plate, it is one of the main materials for the manufacture of small buckets and cans, which can partially replace tinplate and is mainly used for the manufacture of food packaging containers.

  • Steel drum process: Barrel body cutting, barrel cover stamping, composite ring stamping, mark stamping, rolling, spot welding, seam welding, ring bar, edge pulling, neck shrinking, pipe rolling, edge curling, point ladder, hoop body cutting, rolling forming, hoop ear spot welding, hoop ear gas welding, blanking, punching, tight ear drum, stamping forming, handle welding, fittings assembly, sealer spot welding, surface treatment, paint spraying, shipping mark screen printing, barrel Cover and glue, assembly final inspection

  • Surface treatment process: rust removal, oil removal, pickling, washing, phosphating, baking.

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