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Packing materials for steel drums

Although the application of steel drum packaging materials is only more than a hundred years of history, but with the development of modern iron and steel industry, for industrial and agricultural departments to provide a large number of steel, become the basis of modern production of multifarious departments. It widely used in industrial product packaging, transportation packaging and sales packaging, steel drum has become one of the main packaging materials. At present, in multifarious packaging materials, Japan and European countries, steel about 14%, second only to low and plastic packaging, accounting for the third place, and American packaging consumption of steel is more than plastic, accounting for about the second place. Our steel accounts for about 8% of the total amount of packaging material, second only to plastic packaging material.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of multifarious packaging technologies, new packaging materials continue to emerge and compete fiercely with each other. The application of steel drum packaging materials in some aspects has been partially replaced by plastic or composite materials. However, due to the excellent comprehensive performance of steel and extremely rich resources, steel still maintains its vitality and application forms are more diverse. particularly in the field of composite materials found a place to use, become the main barrier material layer in composite materials, such as the successful application of gold-plated composite film is a good proof.

Steel drum packaging materials Although the application of the history of only one hundred years, but the rapid development, variety, is widely used in industrial product packaging, transportation packaging and sales packaging, mainly because the steel drum packaging materials have the following performance characteristics:

  • Steel drum packaging materials have excellent mechanical properties and high strength, so steel drum containers can be made into thin wall, high compressive strength, not easy to damage packaging containers. This makes the safety of the packaged products have a reliable guarantee, and easy to store, transport, loading and unloading and use. The steel drum's rigid construction even allows the use of a drum crimping tool to fasten and secure container components effectively, ensuring that contents remain intact, even when subjected to strenuous handling and transportation conditions.

  • The processing performance of steel drum packaging materials is excellent, the processing technology is mature, can be continuous, automatic production. Steel drum packaging material has good ductility and strength, can be rolled into sheet and foil of multifarious thickness, sheet can be pressed, rolled, stretched, welded to make packaging containers of different shapes and sizes.

  • Steel drum packaging materials have excellent comprehensive protection performance. Steel water vapor transmittance is very low, completely opaque, can effectively avoid the harmful effects of UV. With its superior air resistance, moisture resistance, and light shading levels, steel drum closures are unmatched by other packaging materials. As a result, steel drums can preserve the quality of goods packed in them for more extended periods making them ideal for preserving the freshness of food products. The long-term product preservation capability of steel drums makes them a top choice packaging solution in the food industry, cut off wastage, and promote eco-friendliness.

  • The steel drum packaging material has a special metallic luster, but also easy to print decoration, so that the commodity appearance luxurious, beautiful and marketable.

  • Steel drum packaging material resources, energy consumption and cost is relatively low. Moreover, it is repeatable and recyclable. From the aspect of environmental protection, it is the ideal green packaging material.

Although the steel drum packaging material has the above characteristics, it also has some shortcomings. The main thing is : poor chemical stability, corrosion resistance is not as good as plastic and glass, particularly ordinary steel corrosion. Therefore, steel drum packaging materials must be covered with a layer of anti-rust substances on the surface to prevent corrosion and damage from the outside and the packaging, but also to prevent the pollution of harmful substances in steel to commodities, such as steel in varying degrees of heavy metal merchant Pb, Sn, these heavy metal ions can interact with commodities, particularly food, not only pollute food, And these heavy metal ions do great harm to human body.

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