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Types, Functions And Materials Of Transport Packaging

  1. According to the level of packaging, one-piece packaging: also known as small packaging, individual packaging, is used to pack the packaging of goods, usually and commodities form a whole, in sales directly to the hands of users.A one-piece package is a sales package or a consumer package.

  2. Inner packaging: the inner packaging of products, that is, considering the influence of moisture, moisture, light, heat source, collision, vibration and other factors on the articles, select the appropriate materials and packaging materials for the protective packaging of articles.

  3. Outer Packing: refers to the outermost packing of the packed goods, generally belonging to the transport packing. In the logistics process to protect the role of products.

  4. According to the main role played by packaging is divided into: Sales Packaging and transport packaging.

  5. Transport packaging: Packaging for the purpose of transport storage. Transport packaging has the function of ensuring the safety of commodities, facilitating storage, transportation, loading and unloading, accelerating hand-over and checking.

  6. Requirements for transport packaging:

  7. Transport packaging its shape and size to storage, handling and transportation equipment, tools have a good fit;

  8. Strong ability to resist external factors;

  9. Must be in accordance with the prescribed standards, guiding the handling of packaging items;

  10. The commodity name, commodity number, specifications, quality, quantity, manufacturer, production date, and shipping unit and receiving unit shall be indicated.

  11. Sales packaging: is to promote sales as the main purpose of packaging, together with the contents of goods to reach the hands of users.

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