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[Knowledge Science] Lubricating Oil Application Common Problems Summary-1

Lubricating Oil Application Common Problems Summary

1. The use of lubricating oil in the process of blackening is normal?

Answer: black oil for three reasons: (1) oil metamorphism, (2) parts wear, (3) the impurities into the fuel tank, if in use process without impurities into the fuel tank, you can think there is something wrong with the quality of lubricating oil itself, should be replaced oil brand, lubricating oil use after a period of time is slightly deeper belongs to the normal color, but do not strain very black (engine).

2. Old equipment can use poor oil?

Answer: under normal circumstances, the wear parts of the equipment are processed by the surface, so the surface hardness of the parts is higher and it is not easy to wear, but the internal parts are soft. Some parts of the old equipment have worn on the surface, so the use of poor lubricating oil will accelerate the wear of the parts.

We advise against using lower or inferior lubricants.

3. Why can't other oil products replace gear oil?

A: We found that some users used anti-wear hydraulic oil, guide oil, turbine oil (turbine oil) or ordinary mechanical oil instead of gear oil.

This is not correct, because the power of the whole machine is through the gear transmission. The meshing line on the gear tooth surface bears a huge load, and the lubricating oil is required to have extreme pressure, while other oil products do not contain extreme pressure additives, which can not protect the tooth surface, so it will lead to pitting and fracture of the tooth surface.

4. As long as the viscosity is the same, different types of gear oil can be replaced by each other?

A: No!

The same level of gear oil is high and low, heavy load gear oil can replace light load gear oil, on the contrary, it can not, at present, domestic ordinary gear oil is mostly medium load or the following gear oil, not suitable for high speed and high load equipment.

5. How is the oil white caused?

Answer: under normal circumstances, the oil is sent white is caused by after filling water into the oil tank, it is emulsification phenomenon, should avoid water to enter lubricating oil box body or avoid rainwater to enter the oil barrel that has opened.

In the specific operation, the equipment should check whether the oil seal is damaged, check whether there is water in the tank when changing the oil, and store the oil drum in a rainproof place.

6. The use of lubricating oil is not important, as long as the equipment has oil on the line, just buy some on the market can be used?

Answer: definitely should attach great importance to the use of lubricating oil, lubricating oil is like the body's blood, poor lubricating oil will damage your expensive equipment, different lubricating oil containing different additives to meet the needs from different parts of the equipment, example: antioxidants to prevent oil oxidation, rust inhibitor to prevent rust equipment, antiwear agent to prevent equipment wear and tear, etc.

7. After the expiration of the use of the replacement of the lubricating oil can be reused?

Answer: Some users will replace the oil by precipitation treatment after repeated use, this is not appropriate, the oil after the use of the performance will be reduced, the use of the replacement of the oil is equivalent to the use of unqualified products.

8. Can part of the lubricating oil be removed and then part of the lubricating oil be added during the oil change period?

Answer: should put oil as far as possible, used lubricating oil and new lubricating oil are mixed together equal to reduced lubricating oil level, will shorten the use period of lubricating oil.

9. How to judge the quality of lubricating oil from its appearance?

Answer: qualified lubricating oil is generally light yellow uniform transparent liquid, high viscosity lubricating oil color slightly darker.

(the general viscosity is higher than 460# to have this phenomenon) if the oil is black, impurity or contains water, it can be regarded as inferior lubricating oil.

Advanced equipment must use the brand of regular lubricant company production of oil products, no brand products are difficult to ensure quality, and the market more fake oil, must be paid attention to.

10. How to choose alternative oil products for imported equipment?

Answer: imported equipment generally has recommended products, from convenient or can seek alternative products in the domestic economy, but must be discreet, model must choose the right, some oil has some special requirements, recommend consulting professional unit of lubricating oil, welcome to the use of manufacturers to contact us with us, we will provide free advisory services.

Short comment: Xuheng CR3 drum closure or drum cap seals can protect the drum of lubricant oil from leakage and chemical reaction, which is also environmental friendly.

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