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The Development Trend Of Metal Packaging Containers

(1) Steel drum structure

①The steel drum is lined with bag. The steel drum liner bag is to put the liner bag in a thousand steel drums. It combines the characteristics of two packaging materials at the same time, that is, the strength of the steel drum and the flexibility, cleanliness and chemical resistance of the liner. Become the best accessory for steel drums. The lined bag is very strong and specially designed to prevent pollution from waste and overcome the environmental problems related to the recycling of steel drums. It is suitable for the transportation and storage of various liquids such as chemicals, paints, oils, and food.

② Cassette type straight plug type steel drum sealer. This kind of sealer eliminates the flange of the original closed steel drum sealer and uses the material of the top of the drum to directly punch and flange. It also eliminates the pressing process of the flange and the top of the drum. More importantly, it reduces It reduces the risk of leakage between the flange and the top of the drum, thereby improving the sealing performance of the steel drum, and it will become a standard product. After adopting this technology, the cost of the steel drum closure will save at least 50% of the cost.

Short comment: With the development of steel drums, the demand for metal closures will also increase. The metal closure provided by CX not only meets the requirements of the market but also meets steel drums of various sizes. Customers can choose related products according to their needs.

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