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6 Common Problems Of Cooperage Companies

1: From team leaders, supervisors to factory managers, they never read and analyze the production process requirements in depth. They always seem to understand but not understand. They always talk about the production schedule, lacking detailed and specific plans. "Try to hurry", "almost", "impossible", and "I can't help it" are often said.

2: The team leader is poor in quality awareness and is numb in pursuit of output. Without pre-production analysis, he will strengthen the control, and always wait for the problem to occur every time to remedy it. Work is inefficient, solve problems without results, and never have a good habit of proactively reporting work.

3: Managers and factory directors only give tasks, and do not analyze and study how to correctly guide employees in actual operations. On-site handling of problems is always incomplete and indecisive. There is no correct way to do the right thing.

4: At critical moments, factory managers and workshop supervisors lack initiative and on-site coordination, organization and command capabilities, and each shipment is always busy, chaotic, wrong, and wrong.

5: Quality problems are not solved as quickly as possible, but in the office to investigate the responsibilities of evidence, wrangling, blaming, swearing, evasion, and defensiveness.

6: Departments have a poor sense of unity and cooperation, always self-centered, regardless of the overall situation, and never actively communicate and collaborate with others. The narrow-minded people even set resistance to work.

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