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Application Of IBC Vented Cap

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Here are some suggestions on how to test the IBC vented cap.

  • Leakage

Screw the vent cover on the bucket filled with liquid, with the bucket mouth facing down and lying on the ground. After 4 hours, observe whether there is liquid flowing out of the vent hole. (in case of slight leakage, please decide whether it is acceptable)

  • Chemical

Fully immerse the breathable membrane in the liquid, take it out after 24 hours, and observe whether the breathable membrane is corroded or dissolved. (in case of corrosion or dissolution, the breathable film cannot be used).

  • Air permeability

After the plastic barrel is filled with liquid, screw the breathable cover, lie on the side for 1 minute, make the breathable film soak in the liquid, and store the plastic barrel vertically for 3-7 days or more. The specific test time shall be determined by the demander. The temperature shall simulate the temperature under the actual use state (put the barrel in the oven after filling the liquid). For example, the storage and transportation temperature of ton barrel of ocean container is generally 40-50 ℃, After the expected time, observe whether the barrel is bulging. If there is slight bulging, the Demander shall decide whether to use it; In case of serious bulging, it is determined that the breathable cover is not applicable - drum cap seal manufacturers kindly pointed out!

When the formula, storage and transportation ambient temperature and transportation mode of the demander's products change, the leakage, chemical resistance and air permeability test shall be carried out again to confirm whether the air permeable cover can meet the requirements.

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