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Steel Price Rise! How Long Can The Price Rise Last?

After May 1, the domestic steel market continues to maintain the rising trend, period is synchronized upward, period screw break through the early high point (April 17, 3435 yuan), the highest reached 3443 yuan, iron ore up to 623 yuan and the early high point (April 20, 624 yuan) only a hair's breadth, hot volume is a volume breakthrough to 3300 yuan integral pass, a new one and a half months,

The increase is approaching 2%.

And all the performance of the increase in the warehouse up, especially the period of screw increase as high as more than 110,000 hands, the mainstream positions with long and short increases, the increase is greater than the increase in short.

Spot market transaction overall performance is better, some areas can be used to describe the transaction is hot, a few days ago the shipment of better southern individual region trading atmosphere than yesterday.

Overall, after tentative rebound yesterday, today's capacity is broken yesterday didn't have steadily, and the current market confidence was hanging up, mainly from the policy support in enhancing, the national level has been introduced 90 support to return to work and production and help enterprise to bail out policies and measures, leading the meeting revealed: will launch new initiatives.

In addition, the State Council issued an additional quota of 1 trillion yuan in special debt ahead of schedule, which will be released before the end of the month.

Expected because there are the two factors, the economic recovery expected, in the case of large infrastructure supporting pressure heavy, real estate data better, according to the report key cities for the May Day holiday homes clinch a deal the year-on-year increase more than seventy percent, in addition of cement tend to do well the data shows that from the power of the terminal is in, in a short period of time demand side temporarily won't appear particularly large gap,

Steel prices are likely to rise further.

Merchants hold the price of strong futures continue to rise.

Short comments: After China's May Day, steel prices soared, is to make us unprepared, but I believe that the rise of materials is short-term, will slow down the momentum of the rise in a period of time.

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