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Black Metal Regular Meeting This Week Steel City Or Fall

Black Metal Regular Meeting This Week Steel City Or Fall

Summary: Review of the steel market last week, steel prices showed a downward trend, the steel comprehensive price index fell 69 points, including, thread, wire fell 84 and 76 points respectively, plate, hot rolling and cold rolling fell 62, 101 and 45 points respectively;

In raw fuel, the dollar index of iron ore fell 4 points, steel scrap price index rose 87 points, coke prices were flat.

Looking forward to this week's steel market, will still show a downward trend, the main reasons: one is affected by overseas macro policies or expectations, partial bearish sentiment further transmitted to the iron and steel period spot market;

Two is the latter half of the steel price policy is bad, still have a certain impact on the spot market;

Third, some regional production, maintenance of the news, the raw fuel market to form a negative, hedge some positive impact;

Fourth, the demand is relatively depressed, or still constitute a suppression of market confidence.

Short comments: We hope that the price of steel will decrease significantly in the future, so that we can provide customers with more favorable prices while ensuring the quality. Please pay attention to our barrel closure with zinc plated, painting treatment. Please feel free to ask the price at any time.

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