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Brand Idea Of China Oil

Brand Idea Of China Oil

Offline set the central area and the local area, 19 and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central enterprises and more than 500 famous brand enterprises to attend, focus on publicity show the image of brand development in our country new achievements and consensus to the whole society to further enhance brand development, dissemination of brand development concept, continue to promote the brand construction, promote the formation of strong domestic market.

In recent years, China's oil continuously deepen the brand idea of create a better life for the people, adhering to the "green development, dedicated energy, increase motivation, happiness can assign a new" for the people of value pursuit, in order to ensure national energy security and stability of oil and gas supplies as own duty, and strive to build a world-class comprehensive international energy companies, to create a globally competitive world-class brands.

For the construction of brand power to contribute to oil power.

Related departments of the group company and responsible comrades of enterprises in Shanghai participated in the activity.

Short comment: Self owened oil company can use 2" and 3/4"logo printed oil cap seal on oil barrel to perform its own logo and brand, it is more convenient to clarify and show the influence of the brand.

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