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Importers Should Pay Special Attention To Take What Measures?

First, it is necessary to make clear the type of the product, to determine whether it belongs to the scope of application of the above-mentioned national standards, when coating products are applicable to a variety of uses, should meet the requirements of the most stringent limit value.

Secondly, if the supplier cannot provide the test report and MSDS in accordance with the standard, the testing agency with CMA and CNAS qualification of the importer organization is required to issue the test report.

From the point of view of legal risk prevention, the author suggests that the VOCs standards and unqualified liability for breach of contract should be specified in the agreement with the supplier. For the products that have been imported and have not been sold, pay attention to check whether there are substandard products. According to "air pollution prevention and control law" the 103rd regulation, since the day that afore-mentioned standard is carried out, the enterprise has the obligation that stops selling, before the day that the standard is carried out at present, "already imported but the product that did not sell" the regulation that sells buffer period is not given through examination.

To this, the author suggests, for the implementation of the day after the import of products, should strictly comply with the standard. The "Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) Content Limits in Inks" will be implemented from April 1, 2021. The impact of the implementation of the new national standards on sales and use methods should be considered and suppliers should be required to supply in accordance with the new national standards in advance.

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