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What Are You Waiting For? CPLF Annual Chemical Packaging Conference Is Ready!

What Are You Waiting For? CPLF Annual Chemical Packaging Conference Is Ready!

The 8th CPLF (2021) chemical packaging, storage and transportation forum and product exhibition and exchange conference hosted by Enmore will be held in Suzhou from November 11 to 12, 2021.

CPLF 2021 will hold flexible transportation packaging industry conference, IBC ton barrel technology seminar, tank container logistics market forum, agrochemical packaging technology seminar, food level packaging technology seminar and other special meetings in the same period.

At that time, more than 800 professionals from chemical end users, various packaging container manufacturers, packaging production equipment enterprises, filling and auxiliary packaging equipment, logistics enterprises and raw material additives enterprises will gather to focus on hot topics such as packaging supply chain safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, analyze existing problems in chemical packaging, storage and transportation industry and capture new market opportunities!

CPLF originated in 2014 and has been held for eight consecutive sessions, covering plastic packaging, metal packaging, flexible packaging, paper packaging, auxiliary packaging, filling equipment and other fields. The sponsor, e-trade information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in conjunction with purchasers, packaging suppliers, logistics service providers, equipment suppliers and other enterprises, has adopted the three forms of CPLF conference, CPLF exhibition and CPLF activity, building a communication and cooperation platform for the whole industry chain.

More than 800 visitors, 80 booths, 8 salons and special sessions in the same period, with senior industry experts leading the planning team. More highlights will be grandly opened in Suzhou from November 11 to 12, 2021!

Short comments: The up coming conference and exhibition will focus on the much-talked-about topic on packaging industry, which will bring about solutions to some questions and new business opportunities as well.

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