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Development of Steel Drum Industry in Different Regions

Japan (JSDA)

Approximately 85% of steel drums in the Japanese market are used for chemicals. The Japan Steel Drum Association (JSDA) participated in TOKYO PACK 2022 exhibition for the first time to strengthen the promotion of steel drum sustainability.


North America (ISDI) 

Overall, IBCs are growing in the industrial packaging market. The FOB price for cold-rolled steel has dropped significantly. ISDI discussed in detail the issue of determining the scope of greenhouse gas emissions focus and collaborated with the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council and the Sustainable Development Committee of the American Iron and Steel Institute.


China (CPF) 

The number of large and medium-sized group enterprises in China is increasing, and the scale atmosphere of the Chinese steel drum industry has been basically formed. The total output of 200-liter steel drums in China has declined, mainly due to the shortage of raw materials such as ton bags and plastic packaging drums due to the impact of the epidemic. Other packaging options with lower costs and benefits for recycling have affected the steel drum market. Last year was the first time in the steel drum industry's stable situation for many years that there was a significant negative growth. As a result, many players in the industry are exploring innovative solutions such as incorporating a drum seal cap and adopting eco-friendly practices to stay afloat amidst the industry's changing dynamics.


India (SDAI) 

The Indian market is dominated by approximately 55% of plastic drums, which are larger than steel drums. The cost of paint, steel, electricity, fuel, and transportation is still high, which has led people to shift from using steel drums to plastic drums. However, increasing awareness of the ecological impact of plastic is drawing the attention of Indian steel manufacturers who are actively exploring eco-friendly solutions, such as implementing a plastic drum cap seal, to reduce their environmental footprint.

Korea (Insung) 

Pressure gauges will continue to be lighter due to customer demands for cost reduction and reduced carbon-neutral materials. Currently, there are more than 40 chemical companies in Korea, and the annual demand for new steel drums is between 6 and 7 million. Renovated drums are mainly aimed at the domestic market and are not suitable for export to the United Nations Quality Control.

Thailand (Seangthai) 

Over 80% are closed drums, and approximately 60% are used for chemicals.

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